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Certification of Self-in-Relationship Psychotherapist Supervisor

The  Institute for Self-in-Relationship  Psychotherapy  trains and certifies Self-in-Relationship Psychotherapy Supervisors. In certifying them, ISIRP attests only that the Certified Supervisor is competent to supervise the practice of professionals using Self-in-Relationship Psychotherapy Theory to understand, conceptualize, assess, and treat persons under his or her care.

The requirements to become a certified Supervisor is usually fulfilled over a one year period. The process to become a Certified Self-in-Relationship Psychotherapy Supervisor usually begins in September of a given year and is contingent upon the availability of qualified personnel. Requests for certification will be processed once per year at a time determined by the Executive of the Institute. English is the working language for all aspects of the certification process.

The candidate who wishes to become certified as a Self-in-Relationship Psychotherapy Supervisor is required to make formal application in writing. The documents listed below must accompany the application.

Application requirements:

1. Completion of a general Application Form.

2. Completion of an Autobiographical Questionnaire stating reasons for applying for certification as a supervisor, previous experience as a supervisor and experience in training helping professionals.

3. Three letters of reference from mental health professionals who have known the candidate and are familiar with his/her work.

4. A screening interview with two Certified Self-in-Relationship Psychotherapy Supervisors.

The required training to become a supervisor are:

1. Complete a course in clinical supervision provided by the Institute for Self-in-Relationship Psychotherapy.

2. Provide one-on-one monthly supervision for a minimum of twelve months for two therapists using Self-in-Relationship Therapy as their method of treatment.

3. Co-supervise, with a Certified Self-in-Relationship Psychotherapist Supervisor, a minimum of six sessions of supervision at the beginning of the training year.

4. Be evaluated by those being supervised for satisfaction of the supervisory experience.

5. Be evaluated by two Certified Supervisors upon completion of eight of twelve months of training.

6. Prepare a paper on their supervision model. The paper is not to exceed 25 pages.

The decision of the committee is final with no appeal. The candidate may request, in writing, an extension to acquire the necessary skills to become a Self-in-Relationship Psychotherapy Supervisor

To be accepted for training to become a supervisor, the candidate must:

1. Be a certified member of an association such as the Canadian Counselling Association, College of Social Workers, Ontario College of Psychologists, College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario, etc.


2. Be a Certified Self-in-Relationship Psychotherapist.

3. Have taken out third-party liability insurance to a minimum of 1 million dollars per occurrence.

4. A recent criminal record check.

5. Complete a Declaration of Good Character.

Annual Renewal of Certification

1. Certification as an Self-in-Relationship Psychotherapy Supervisor must be renewed each year. When the candidate is not able to meet Conditions 2-4 (above), certification as an Self-in-Relationship Psychotherapy Supervisor is withdrawn.

2. Accumulate the equivalent of 10 hours of Continued Education Credits in Self-in-Relationship Psychotherapy oriented activities per year to maintain certification. This requirement will be waived if credits have been completed to maintain certification as an Self-in-Relationship Therapist and if the Supervisor has provided at least two hours of training or workshops in Self-in-Relationship Psychotherapy.

3. Exemptions to these requirements will be at the discretion of the Executive of the Institute for Self-in-Relationship Psychotherapy.

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