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Self-in-Relationship Psychotherapists

The Institute for Self-in-Relationship Psychotherapy (ISIRP) certifies psychotherapists as Self-in-Relationship Psychotherapists. In certifying a psychotherapist, ISIRP attests only that the Certified professional is competent to apply Self-in-Relationship Psychotherapy to the understanding, conceptualization, assessment, and treatment of persons under his or her care.


The requirements for certification are normally to be fulfilled over a two year period. In-class training begins in September of each year and terminates in June of the following year. Practice and supervision requirements follow the training and continue over a one year period.

Year 1: Training Requirements

1. During the first year the candidates complete the three courses of the Self-in-Relationship Psychotherapy Training Program.


These courses are:

SIRP 6111: Theory Course

SIRP 6131: Assessment and Conceptualization

SIRP 6141: Treatment/Practicum


2. A written exam on theory at the completion of SIRP 6111.

3. A written exam on assessment and conceptualization of a case at the completion of SIRP 6131.

Requests for certification will be processed once per year at a time determined by the Executive of the Institute. The number of applicants accepted for Practice under Supervision will be determined by available human and physical resources.


English is the working language for all aspects of the certification process.

Year 2: Supervised Practice: Requirements

Following the successful completion of the Self-in-Relationship Psychotherapy in-classroom Training Program, candidates who wish to begin supervision towards certification as a Self-in-Relationship Psychotherapist are required to make formal application in writing to the Clinical and Educational Director of the Institute.


Click on the link below for the application procedures and the required clinical and supervised experiences.

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